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Intermodal dry bulk materials 
transportation, storage and discharge.

InBulk's range of ISO-Veyors can be used for effective intermodal transportation, storage & discharge of may dry bulk powder and granular materials

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ISO-Veyors come in a range of configurations, specifications and sizes. Material of construction is based on the properties of the material for transport & intended use.

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ISO-Veyors allow the effective transportation; storage and discharge of dry bulk materials offer a range of benefits including cost, flexibility and environmental benefits.

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Browser our ISO-Veyor case studies by industry using the drop down above.

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  • About InBulk Technologies

    Revolutionising transport and storage systems for 'dry' bulk materials. Our patented technology, gained from over 30 years of Clyde Blowers pneumatic conveying experience enables us to fluidise powder/granular materials, with the simple addition of compressed air.

  • ISO-Veyors provide fast discharge, maximum payloads and minimum residue.

  • Flexible Driver Controlled Deliveries

    Intermodal Transport by Road

    Driver controlled deliveries allow customers to have greater efficiency and control over drivers time. Deliveries can be made during quiet times, where loads can be dropped without queuing for silo discharge slots.

  • Increase export reach

    Offshore Bulk material Handling

    ISO-Veyor use can change as the transport infrastructure evolves.. Used as a road tanker, rail tanker or storage silo it increases the effectiveness and reach of your business.

Europe must bring about change in common transport policy. The time has come to restore the balance between modes of transport & developing intermodality...putting safety & quality at the heart of our efforts whilst retaining the right to mobility. Loyola de Palacio, European Commission

InBulk Technologies demonstrated the advantages of intermodal bulk handling, with an opportunity to ship a load of Lafarge's G Grade Oil-well cement to oil well services customers in Newfoundland, Canada

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